The positives and the negatives to a ‘paperless office’

Date posted: February 14th, 2013

Many argue that having a paperless office is the future and the key to modern organisation. A ‘paperless office’ is where documents and all data is stored on hardware and software upon PCs and there is as little paper within the office as possible.  This idea was originally used to help the environment however it is also become very popular due to the organisation and safety of documents. Although the paperless office idea has became extremely common, there are still a few that disagree with the idea for various reasons and say that they cannot work without paper to write things down on.

The paperless office is highly supported due to the organisation. Using no paper creates a lot more space; there will be no need for cupboards and filing cabinets which take up so much room and make the office cramped. Because of this, not buying storage spaces like draws and cabinets saves you a lot of money. This is also particularly favoured because of how easy it is to search for those documents you may have misplaced in the office; the file name can just be searched on a computer. The paperless office is also of course used for eco-friendly reasons.

Despite these reasons, there are also negatives for the paperless office idea. For example, human error can often occur for example deleting documents or forgetting to save as we have all done before. Other human created methods can occur such as saving files in wrong formats etc. Holding important and confidential documents upon a computer or memory devices such as USB sticks and hard drives can also lead to security problems if they are misplaced, lost or stolen. Documents of course can also be hacked especially if stored on online cloud sites such as Dropbox. To achieve a completely paper free office, all systems must be automated flawlessly and this can cost time and money.  Another potential problem is picking up viruses and bugs upon software and hardware which can corrupt the data.


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