Applying for a Job Straight from University

Date posted: October 25th, 2013

After studying for the past few years and having paid a lot of money for your qualification at university, you want to get straight in to a job and use your degree to get yourself a good job and prove it has all been worth it. However, this is of course much easier said than actually done. Living in the UK today and especially particular areas of the UK, you will know there is a large shortage of jobs at this moment in time and you should also know that even minimum wage jobs and those that do not require any qualification at all are extremely competitive. You must also bear in mind that just because you have been to university and you do have a degree, this does not actually guarantee you getting a job over those that do not. As well as what you know and how qualified you are for the job, many employers look for experience in the job, personality and even how you are represented. When filling out your job application form, you should make sure that it is perfect to give you a good chance of securing the job at hand.

Be sure to mention on your application form all of the qualifications and experience in work that you possibly can. The most important part to job application forms is the simple but rarely done, checking the form over. It takes a few minutes to read through and check the form you have just filled out and it is crucial. If you have answered questions wrong some may see it as that you don’t pay attention to detail and it is a bad impression before the interview, however it could even be they straight away eliminate your form from the other candidates as the job is highly competitive and popular. Sometimes there are so many forms that they look for the smallest errors to throw a few out of the equation and straight into the recycling bin.

Because of this, when filling out forms make sure you have plenty of time to do so and you will not be interrupted of distracted by anything or anyone. Full attention must go onto these forms. Also be sure to actually print a copy out for yourself to see how it looks and is presented.

Most people will tell you that preparation is everything. Before you randomly fill out any job application forms you can find, look into the company and find out what they specialise in and what kind of qualities they need or would be perfect for them. Find out about them so you can suit them as much as possible in the form.

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