Wage Slips are a Record of Your Working Life

Date posted: February 24th, 2014

If you have a full time or part time job you should receive Sage wage slips If you do not you should request that you do as it I something that every employer should issue their employees with. The pay slip is designed to document what you have been paid either weekly or monthly, and provides information on any deductions that have been taken from your wage.

The thing about the pay slip is that it is the most accurate way of keeping track of what you have been paid and what has been deducted from you.  Most people are only interested in looking at their net pay, as this is the most important aspect to them.  You should however make a habit of taking into account the other details on your pay slip. If you do this your will be able to understand better any financial issues you may run into.  For example, you may be getting taxed far too much and be oblivious to it because you haven’t taken into consideration everything else it tells you.

If you take a closer look at your pay slip you should be able to see a whole bunch of information including your net pay, tax reductions, insurance reductions, number of days worked,  number of absences, salary, national insurance number, address, ID number and your name. If you did any over time this will also be shown along with the amount of money you were paid for it.

Other information may also be present on the wage slip including the date you started working for the company, what method is used to pay you, and how long you have worked for the company. As you can see the pay slip is more than just a piece of paper telling you how much money went into your bank. It is a full record of your working life giving you all the information you need to tackle any discrepancies you may have.

It is then extremely important to make sure that you keep hold of your pay slips, look after them and have them in some sort of order.  Failing to do so could cause you a whole number of problems in the future that you could probably do without.  If you do however find yourself missing a number of them, there are means and ways of replacing them, either through your employer or through a replacement company.


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